After 20 years in the Army, I know without a doubt that leadership is LEARNED.  I’ve led teams on adventures in dangerous, inhospitable places. And I know that a large part of my success is directly related to the people skills I’ve honed over that time.


My last operational role was looking after the Army’s medical care in Afghanistan. I’m not a medical expert. I’m not a musician either. But I know that I’m very good at getting the best out of people. In exactly the same way that a conductor gets the best out of an orchestra – making certain that they allow each individual member to flourish and to perform at their peak and at the same time allowing everyone to create something incredible together.


I maximise potential.

What makes someone a good leader? 


Good leaders have purpose. The values they need to get the job done, and more. They have the right behaviours. All in all, they have “fitness for purpose”.


Does this sound like you or one of your team leaders?


If you want this to be you, if you think this could be you, you need my leadership training.


Every soldier is different – and that’s why my offering is always tailored, so that it fits YOUR needs exactly.


I run workshops, webinars and seminars. I run 3-day retreats, spending time outdoors and using the environment to help you focus on the skills and behaviours you’re learning.  I personalise retreats to fit your specific requirements. I give keynote speeches to groups of people, to motivate and inspire. Whatever you need, I can create.


I’ve LIVED the experience of leadership. Let me help you translate this to your world.


Whatever you think you might need, start the conversation and find out how learning leadership skills can change your life.