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Whatever you think you can be, whoever you want to become, we are the agent for change that you need.


Whether it’s managing a team in a business context, finding the motivation to succeed, or more effectively prioritising your work/home balance, we can help you to find the potential within yourself to make all the good things happen.


We have coached people all our careers and now outside of the military we work with men and women from all sorts of businesses and organisations.


We can meet in person, video call, we can chat by ‘phone OR we can do this:


Edward O. Wilson’s 1984 book, Biophilia, discusses the way humans naturally seek out other forms of life in the natural world. It’s a theory we at Green Peak subscribe to – and slowly, society is catching up: GPs are now prescribing healthy walks in the fresh air and exercise to help their patients.


Whilst you walk in the natural environment – yes, as your coach, we are taking you out of your workplace environment - your brain is developing. We can do this by ‘phone or in person. As you walk, your breathing is adopting a healthier rhythm. It’s a holistic approach that promotes creativity, perspective and positivity.


You can read the testimonials others have given us for coaching below. Because there’s no better recommendation than finding out what you want to know from someone who’s benefited directly.


The first thing we will do is to arrange for you to have a chat with a coach to ensure we both think we are well matched. Like all relationships some people are right for each other and some, well… aren’t. You can ask any question you like, and if we’re all are happy, we’ll take it forward.


We will then get dates agreed for our sessions together, each one typically lasting 45mins to an hour. 


Look at this as investment IN YOU rather than as a cost TO YOU.


It’s that easy. And if you want to cancel then that’s fine too. We will refund you your money without any fuss.


Give us a shout and we can discuss how it works; you can email or pick up your ‘phone and let’s get the ball rolling.


Tim is a gifted coach. His ability to listen and ask constructive questions is second to none. He’s also incredibly warm, empathetic, encouraging and trustworthy; I really felt that he had my back throughout the coaching process and really wanted me to emerge from it with clarity and confidence. A joy to work with – I’d highly recommend Tim to anyone thinking about engaging with a coach.

- Kimo Morrison


Coaching with Tim was an excellent experience on so many levels.  Firstly he encouraged me to take walks in the countryside while we had our coaching calls.  This was such a good idea and freed up my thinking, something about being outside allowed me to really express myself. Tim was an incredibly attentive and thoughtful coach, I felt I could tell him anything, which meant that we tackled some nitty gritty emotional stuff that was holding me back in my business. Tim guided me through those challenging conversations with confidence, wisdom and kindness. I emerged from the coaching feeling a lot more self-assured and focused about my business. Thank you Tim, it was a truly enjoyable and empowering experience working with you.

- Katya Williams


Chris was an excellent coach.


I really felt that for the first time in ages I was listened to and understood. Chris was patient, caring and didn’t rush to trying find an answer.


So refreshing!


I am now in a much happier, healthier and productive place thanks to Chris. He is worth his weight in gold!

- Maria F


What I valued most about Chris was the depth of experience he was able to bring to our coaching. Whilst we’ve worked in different fields, he quickly grasped the point in question and we were able to move to focussing on solutions.


He was naturally very understanding, and he put me at ease from our very first conversation; something I haven’t had with other coaches. What I thought he might think as trivial issues, he explored with the respect and consideration I had really wished for.

- Sarah B

Tom Holland.jpg

I loved Tim’s approach to coaching; combining being in the outdoors, a little exercise and great coaching! Tim has a wealth of life experiences to bring to the party having spent his early career in the Army. He was empathetic and (very!) patient. During our sessions I have improved my self-esteem and I took my professional life to another level. I loved every bit of it, and it helped enormously.


- Tom Holland


Chris has been instrumental in developing me as a leader. He’s helped me focus on streamlining my work life, concentrating on the important issues and reducing my work burden of trivial matters. As a result, my productivity went through the roof and as I was able to successfully delegate to my team, they felt much more empowered.

I’m writing this testimonial as a way of thanking Chris because I have just been selected for promotion within my division!

- Daniel S

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