You could have found me quite by accident. Or because you’re looking for a coach to help create a change in the way you live your life. Or maybe you’re searching for leadership skills to enrich yourself and your business. You might even be interested in helping protect your environment, as I am.


This is me. Not a one-dimensional person – someone with a family, a sleepy dog and a love of good coffee. And a wide range of skills and knowledge that I can bring to others to add value to their lives.


With the values of the British Army ingrained within me after 20 years’ service, I bring all my experience of leadership to coaching others, to help aspirational professionals become the most excellent iteration of themselves.


Using everything my Army career taught me about leadership, I add value to businesses by creating great leaders to head up their teams.


And my desire to do everything humanly possible to help sustain our planet means that I also educate businesses with a 1–day course in Carbon Literacy.

I’m the agent for change that you need.


If you want to find out more about what I can bring to your world, as an individual, or as a leader in business, drop me a line via email or give me a bell and let’s talk over a coffee.



Whatever you think you can be, whoever you want to become, I am the agent for change that you need.


I coach in a very specific way. We walk and talk. Specifically, you walk; you talk.



 After 20 years in the Army I know without a doubt that leadership is LEARNED.  I’ve led teams of 30-50 people in dangerous, inhospitable places. And I know that a large part of my success is directly related to the people skills I’ve honed over that time. 


I’m a not-so-secret tree-hugger…


My degree is in Environmental Science, and I worked hard on getting my Master’s in Environmental Management for Business – because I believe that’s where the biggest, most impactful changes can be, must be made.

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